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The team behind pentotype

We're three ordinarily nutty developers who share a passion for building awesome software that people want. We love our work and believe that software should understand and support you in getting things done as easy and fast as possible. That's why we built pentotype. We want to help you create great apps which, in turn, will help us. ;)

Twitter: @pentotype, Google+: +pentotype, Facebook: pentotype

Johannes Dörr develops the user experience of pentotype. When he is not programming, he loves creating all the designs for pentotype, be it our website, product videos or pentotype's interface. As it should be, he often uses pentotype to improve pentotype itself. He will always surprise you with great new ideas if you pour him enough coffee. He loves to make up new things and translate them into code. The rest of the day, he plays keyboards.

Thomas Wanschik loves making pentotype understand your wireframes. So if you like the way pentotype interprets your sketches you know who to thank. Also, he's our all-around coder so when it comes down to building the database or architectural design choices Thomas has great ideas. And by the way he is making us double up with laughter because of his mixed sayings. :D He's definitely the happiest guy you could ever meet.

Waldemar Kornewald is our programming guru. He loves experimenting with new concepts, always making us more productive, from internal tools to completely new frameworks. Give him enough tea and he will solve all your problems at lightning speed. Also, thanks to his sense of perfection, he puts the final touches on pentotype. In his spare time, he rides breakneck single tracks on his mountain bike while getting cool new ideas for pentotype.


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Waldemar Kornewald


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