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New: Select, copy and other improvements

Hey guys, it's been three month since TechCrunch introduced our pentotype app with its new concept of rapid wireframing to the public. By now, we have received lots of user feedback and over 1000 wireframes have been created so far. This is a great motivation! Today, we've released some of the new features we have been working on lately.

Select and copy

This was number one on your wishlist: copying elements, so you don't have to draw the same things again and again anymore. On the iPad, you can now simply draw a circle around multiple elements which will then become selected. Alternatively, you can long-hold a single element which is useful when you want to pick something which is in between many other elements.

After you have selected what you need, press the copy button on the top left. If you find that pentotype mistakenly converted something you just drew into a selection, just hit the revert button at the lower right corner of the selection box.

On the desktop, you can use the new lasso tool in the menu bar which allows you to draw a selection. Alternatively, you can use the arrow tool to select single elements. If you want to discard a selection just click somewhere else in the document or hit ESC.

Deleting now works differently

Some people asked us when we would add a feature to delete elements. Well, it's been already there but hard to find. Now, pentotype offers you a delete button at the top right when you selecte one or more elements, just like the copy button. On the desktop, you can also use the DEL key.

Zoom buttons on desktop

Zooming on the desktop still works with the scroll wheel. However, we've added zoom buttons to make this function easier to find.

Improved performance and bug fixes

With the launch of iOS7, we had to go through all of our framework's code again in order to find possible compatibility problems and performance bottlenecks. The end of the story is: pentotype is faster than ever and yet more performance improvements will be added in the future. Just give it a try.

What's next

We are currently working on paid plans and alternative form factors like iPad and websites. What are your experiences with pentotype? Feel free to comment below.

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