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New: Plans and Commenting

In the past weeks, many of you wrote us asking for bigger plans with more projects and team members. We are happy to announce that personal and team plans for pentotype are available now. Furthermore, we added a comment feature which lets you and your team members or reviewers communicate within the wireframe.

New plans

View pentotype plans

All paid plans include an unlimited number of projects, screens and viewers. After having subscribed to the personal plan, you can add team members. This will automatically change your plan to the team plan. Team members can create and edit all projects of the team.

The price of the team plan depends on the number of team members. You can, at any time, add or remove users from the team. Check out our plans page for more details.


pentotype has already made it very easy to show new app ideas to others. Now we added a way to discuss the wireframe by writing comments.

In the simulation screen, you'll find the "Add comment" button in the upper left corner. It will add a new marker which can be placed anywhere on the current screen. Clicking on the marker allows you to add comments.

Play Flappy Bird in pentotype or try out comments

All users that have the share link of the wireframe, can add comments the same way. Give it a try and please let us know what you think.

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