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New: Image export

Hey guys, another update for pentotype has just been launched. Let's see what's new and how it will improve your workflow.

From our own contract development work, we know that designing and testing the app's concept is only the beginning, though very important. Let's say, you are working on an app that allows people to send you appointment requests:

Simulate this wireframe in pentotype

Once you have worked out the best interaction concept and tested it with pentotype's simulation feature, you most probably need to organize the development starting from those wireframes. I.e., you define independent requirements like "push notifications" and "accept/decline appointments" and order them by priority.

Besides the pure functionality, the app also needs a compelling user interface. For that, you need to export a sketch of each screen and send those files to your designers.

To get your work done, pentotype now offers two export features.

Export of selected elements

In order to export subparts of your wireframe, which might be a smaller number of screens or even only parts of a screen, just select these elements and click the export button at the lower left corner of the selection box.

On the iPad, this will let you select another app to open the image. This easily allows you to send the image via mail or upload it to Dropbox. On the desktop, this will simply download the selection as PNG.

After that, you can easily insert that image where you need it, e.g. in order to create a new story in Pivotal Tracker:

If you use a project management tool like Pivotal Tracker, you most certainly know that explaining something with an image is a lot easier than with text.

Export of all screens as ZIP

If you need to export every screen, you can click on the global export button which creates a ZIP file containing separate images of all your screens without connections.

On the iPad, you can then select from the installed apps to upload the ZIP somewhere or send it via mail:
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