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Why wireframes are broken
Designing user interfaces and interactions can be the most fun part of software development. Surely you spend a lot of time on wireframes to get the ... read more


New: Tablet & web wireframes and more
We're very excited to tell you about the biggest update to pentotype since it has come out. We added support for tablet PC and browser wireframes and ... read more
New: Save drawings as stencils
A new update is out and we're sure that it will speed up your workflow a lot. pentotype already allowed duplicating elements which is very useful ... read more
New: Plans and Commenting
In the past weeks, many of you wrote us asking for bigger plans with more projects and team members. We are happy to announce that personal and team ... read more
New: Image export
Hey guys, another update for pentotype has just been launched. Let's see what's new and how it will improve your workflow. From our own contract ... read more
pentotype is in the App Store
We've build pentotype as a web app, so you can use it on many different devices from anywhere around the world. However, some things on the iOS ... read more
New: Select, copy and other improvements
Hey guys, it's been three month since TechCrunch introduced our pentotype app with its new concept of rapid wireframing to the public. By now, we ... read more