• Wireframing as easy as on paper

    Create wireframes that precisely capture your ideas – your imagination is the only limit. Use your iPad or a
    graphics tablet for your computer

  • Interactive wireframes within minutes

    Immediately test your mobile wireframes on an actual device and experience your application's look and feel

  • Collaborate in teams and with reviewers

    Share your projects with team members and let reviewers add comments to your wireframes

  • Design mobile applications
    of any kind

    Create wireframes for phone apps, tablet apps, web apps or regular websites. All of them can be simulated on the actual device.

Awesome wireframes for great applications

pentotype allows you to draw anything. That way, you can create wireframes that capture exactly what your application should look like. All elements can be moved or copied, so it has never been easier to apply changes and try out several ideas. You can also save drawings as stencils and reuse them later, or use predefined standard elements.

pentotype user interface

Create screenflows with ease

Arrange your screens on a big canvas to a screen flow. By drawing arrows between elements and screens, you create links. When you click "simulate", you can immediately click through your wireframe.

pentotype screenflow
pentotype simulation

Simulate your application

pentotype automatically turns your sketches into interactive wireframes. That way, you can instantly experience your application with functional interaction.

Try out this simulation

Many types of wireframes

wireframes for phones, tablets and web

Create wireframes for phone apps, tablet apps, web applications or regular websites. All of them can be simulated on the actual device.

Sharing and feedback

pentotype comments

Share your wireframe with some test users or reviewers and they can immediately give you feedback by creating annotations directly on the wireframe.

Manage team members

pentotype user management

Add users to your company account in order to give them access to your projects. That way, it is easy for you to collaborate even in remote teams.

Test and iterate

pentotype projects

Test and iterate until you're happy with the final layout. It is very easy to copy a whole project and use it as a base for an alternative design.

Anything can be built with pentotype

Draw your wireframes as easily as on paper and immediately get shareable interactive wireframes. Start wireframing now on your iPad or your desktop PC/Mac.


Check out some of our example projects.


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